Upcoming FeaturesEdit

For already implemented features please see: Features.

Note: Even if this page shows content that is planned to be added to the server. Never take this information for granted.


  1. Allow VIP to be purchased with in-game currency.
  2. Reducing inflation. Post your ideas in the @Forum
  3. Coin Gain will be increased by having Achievements awarded, a few are already ingame and attainable.


  1. Increasing maximum profession level. Currently set between 5 and 8 depending on job.
  2. Increasing amount of methods to earn profit. Help us with this @Forum!
  3. Restricting certain professions to town residents.
  4. Complete documentation.


  1. Visible tags to identify player killers (PKs).
  2. Reimplementing karma system.
  3. Balancing punishments/rewards.
  4. Encouraging guerilla warfare.
  5. Discouraging global war.


  1. VIP+Sponser Global_Shop*. (First tests with Buycraft have started.)
  2. Shop usage cost will be increased to promote player to player trading.


  1. A custom skill feature with own xp gain is currently being tested. It won't influence coin gain other than by earning (new/more) achievements as it seems.


  1. Trainstation access nearby spawn.


  1. Trains, when a town features (minecart) railways.


  1. Block degradation in the event of an acid rain currently not implemented (e.x.: glass). This is a debatable feature/issue @Forum!


  1. New functions for keyboard keys are planned. Got an idea? Tell us about it @Forum!


  1. Reimplementing as a VIP feature.


  1. Become invulnerable to fire.
  2. Can be hijacked by other players.
  3. Establishing a fair size limit. This could mean certain user groups get different size limits as well.


A asterisk/star (*) signifies a VIP feature.

Two asterisks/stars (**) signifies a Sponsor feature.